Solving the big box store problem.

A Homegrown Idea

My friends and I have seen the demise of small, local, shops and services just over the last 30 years. We remember going to the corner store for locally sourced food and supplies. Playing sports and growing up with the shopowners' kids. We were all friends and neighbours - having block parties and family events included everyone.

Maybe we're just old-fashioned. Maybe seeing the little shops close and the families move away, maybe that's just a sign of the world getting closer together through technology, but also growing apart due to technology!

Recently that has increased with the global pandemic and, as we've discovered, different rules apply to big box stores and the international "lowest price" sellers.
They got to stay open while everyone else was closed - and that doesn't sit well with us.

With your help, my friends, we want to level the field with a marketplace of local businesses at your fingertips. Keep our dollars in the communities where we know they make a difference.
Maybe it's a dream from our childhood days? Maybe it's just nostalgia? We believe that we can make a difference with your help.

We hope that you remember those days of street hockey and running to the corner to get mom sugar or some eggs... Maybe we can't have those physical neighbourhoods - but why not virtual? Why not join our dream and create a new neighbourhood of local businesses? We believe we can make a difference - and stay tuned for some exciting updates as we continue to build this exciting new community!

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