Frequently Asked Questions...

We're certain you have a bunch of questions before you join us, so we put together a sampling of the most usual. Definitely worth a quick read before filling out the form. If the answer's not here, reach out to us at

 Wow! This is so Cool! How do I get in?

Glad you asked! Head over to our Application page and take a look at the questions.
Don't sign up right away!!
Think about a tag line shoppers receive in searches, a phrase to encourage click-thrus, and think about how you will describe your business to encourage the next action. Once done just click submit and allow us 24 hours to review and confirm your info. 

 My business fits more than one category, do I apply multiple times?

That's another really great question!! The answer is to use the TYPE field and enter as many types as fit. Separate each by a comma like;
restaurant, pizza, lounge
Think of it as a "keyword" field - and you have up to 256 characters in this field. The more you add the greater your chances of being found in a search!
A handy note to remember is that our type search uses "looks like" and "sounds like" to increase your potential viewers.

 My business is a non-profit, can I join the community for free?

You guys ask the very best questions! Reach out to us at BEFORE you fill out the application!! All we need is proof of your government-approved non-profit status, which we will verify with your jurisdiction, and then welcome aboard!

 We're a festival/special event, where do we fit?

We love special events and festivals!! You folks do so much to bring people together in body and spirit - that's something we can get behind ESPECIALLY if it involves food!! We are so glad you're thinking of us and YES we will love helping you! There is no charge. When you fill out the form, just put the keywords Festival and/or Event along with the other information we request.

 We're a big business that has multiple small community locations. We like what you're doing and we want in!!

Guys, why are you doing this to us??? We created SLG for small and medium local players that don't have huge promotion and ad budgets from a central office receiving payments that kinda take revenue out of the communities... wait a sec... that actually sounds like our mission statement. Maybe you should send your case to and we will discuss it.

 How do we pay you?

That is the best question of all!!! We like you very much! We will bill you $60 CDN for a year (unless we're doing a promotion) and that date begins the day we activate you in the system. As the date comes around for renewal we will send you reminders. And don't forget, we will have special offers and promotions ongoing through the year that might come with a small additional fee.